We have 2 different page builders.  You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

LCP Series Descriptions
Overview:  Quick & easy pre-formatted templates with pre-designed graphic header themes and unmovable placeholders for bullets, tag lines, profile picture, audio, etc.
Top Header:  Pre-formatted graphic themes
PURL Compatilbe:  No
Web Form:  Pre-formatted only
Comments:  These templaets are mostly pre-formatted with graphic headers and unmovable placeholders.  You can choose your design theme and easily add in content by typing text within text fields or text boxes.  If you want a quick and easy page that's mostly already formatted, then this is the option for you.  If you want more formatting control or are using PURL, "Blast Pages" are the best option.

* Can be used with PURL if enabled

Overview:  Customizable templates similar to the "Pitch Page" series, but offering the most flexibility and formatting control.  You can add multiple lines of text in the header section and change fonts, colors, sizes, and other formatting effects using our easy formatting toolbar.  There are several different template themes not found with the other template series, which are ALL PURL compatible (an optional add-on for creating Personalized URL pages).
Top Header:  Add and format your own header titles or add your own header image URL
PURL Compatilbe:  YES
Web Form:  Pre-formatted or insert your own form code
Comments:  These are the template for you if you want the most control over the look and feel of your page. And, if you have PURL enabled on your account, these templates are perfect for creating a powerful PURL marketing campaign with unlimitted PURLs (or Personal URLs). These templates give you more flexibility and more control over adding and formatting your own content.  You can choose your design theme and easily add your own header titles, tag lines, bullet points, embedded images, YouTube videos, and more.