Features & Benefits

3 Different Types of Lead Capture Page Series
Choose the customization form that is right for you.  Do you want to set up a quick lead capture page within minutes? - Just select the pre-formatted "Teaser Page" series.  Want to add a large amount of content and have the flexibility to format it the way you want? - In that case, the easy-to-use "Pitch Page" or "Blast Page" series may be perfect for you.

Multiple Template Styles and Design Themes
We have several different template themes to choose.  Each of the templates will let you add in your own titles and text. This makes it very easy for you to customize a unique page for your specific product or offer.  Use one of our generic themes or select a specialty theme.  You can even add in your own header graphic, if you want.

Unlimited Auto-Generated PURL (Personal URL) Pages
[with PURL subscriptions]
Similar Personal URL services offered by other companies limit how many PURLs you can create or charge you for each Personal URL you create.  Our PURL-Powered Blast Pages let you generate an unlimited number of PURLs at no additional cost.  Not only can you personalize the URL addresses, you can also personalize the lead capture page and thank you page with your prospects' full name and date.

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PURL Generator Splash Page  [with PURL subscriptions]
Don't have a list of names?  Not a problem!  Each of your PURL pages comes with its own PURL Generator Splash Page.  When your visitors go to this splash page, they will be prompted to enter their name to access your main page.  This will instantly generate a new personalized page just for them, which they can also add to their favorites.  And, you'll receive an e-mail notice whenever a new PURL is generated from your splash page.

Real-Time Updates
You can make changes and updates to your page whenever you want from within your private members' area (accessible 24/7).  There's no need to wait for a webmaster to make updates for you and get charged each time a change is made.  Changing text on your page is as simple as typing within a text box.  And, you can change template themes on the fly by simply clicking a button or typing in a template ID number.  When you click "Save Changes", your page is instantly updated live on the web.

Real-Time Lead Notices
When someone submits the web form on your lead capture page, you instantly receive a lead notice e-mail sent to up to two different e-mail addresses.  You can literally follow-up with your prospects within seconds of them accessing your main website or thank you page.  The lead notices from our pre-formatted capture forms can include your prospects' name, phone number, e-mail address, best-time to call, an optional message, the time stamp of when the form was submitted along with the unique IP address.

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
We're so confident that you'll love the ease and flexibility of our customizable lead capture page system that we are backing it up with a 7-day money back guarantee.  If you are a new customer and are not completely satisfied, simply cancel your subscription and request a refund through your members' area within 7 days and we'll be happy to issue you a full refund on your lead capture page subscription purchase.

User-Friendly WYSIWYG Editor - No HTML Knowledge Needed
Easy-to-use "What You See Is What You Get" editor, similar to what you would find with most email services and 'Word' programs.  Just highlight the text you want to change and select a toolbar button to change fonts, sizes, colors, bold, italics, underline, alignment, bullets, etc..

Customizable Thank You Page or Redirect
When your visitors submit the web form on your lead capture page, you can have them automatically redirected to any web page you want or to your customizable thank you page.  Your customizable thank you page can include an embedded video presentation, a personal message, as many links as you want and whatever information you want your prospects to see before you follow-up with them.

Add Your Own META Title, Description & Key Words
Search engines look for hidden HTML code known as META tags to index web pages in their search listings.  Most replicated web sites use the same META tags for all their members.  Search engines don't like listing sites with similar content.  With our system, you have full control over adding your own META title, description and keywords.  This makes your web page unique and more likely to get picked up by the search engines.

Ability to Add & Edit HTML Source Code
This is great for those who want to insert their own audio player, video code, web form code, payment button/link (e.g., PayPal), stat counter, or other HTML code.  Advanced users will especially appreciate this feature since this will provide them even more control over formatting their pages just the way they want.

Video Tutorials & Training
It's like looking over the shoulder of your own private tutor as he visually demonstrates and explains how you can easily use this powerful system to customize a successful lead capture page.  Not only do we have video instructions on using different tools and features, we also have video training featuring marketing strategies and invaluable success tips.

Members' Referral Program
When you become a member, you'll receive your own referral web site.  You can receive a $20 referral credit for every new member you refer who orders the annual subscription and a $10 commission credit for every new monthly member you refer who orders the monthly subscription.  And, as a 'PURL' Premium member, you can earn additional commission bonuses by referring other PURL members.

Live Team Message Feeds
This is a great way to communicate with your group or team.  You can post messages in the members' area for all the members of your group to see.  Every member can choose who they want to receive feeds from by entering up to three usernames in their profile of those they want to receive feeds from.  You can add and update your feed from the "Edit Code" page.  Feeds are great for posting: announcements, schedules, news, meetings, webinars, conference calls, motivational messages, training tips, quotes, accolades and more.

Auto-responder Compatibility
All of our templates are compatible with two of the most popular, 3rd-party auto-responder systems - 'GetResponse' and 'Aweber'.  If you subscribe to either one of these services, we have 2 different pre-formatted opt-in forms for each already set up for you.  All you do is enter your auto-responder's campaign name and adjust a few campaign settings.  In addition to these, we have many templates where you can copy & paste in your own form code from any auto-responder that provides the code for inserting into a web page.  Most auto-responder services (like GetResponse & Aweber) let you build your own web form with your own pre-qualifying questions.  It's very easy to do this and copy & paste the code into your page.

24/7 Support Tickets & Live Chat
We have 24/7 support tickets available through the support section of the members area.  These are responded to very quickly (usually within an hour during normal business times).  We also have online 'live chat' support. You should see a 'chat live' button in the support section of your members' area when a support agent is available for real-time, instant message support.  Members are always complimenting us on our quality support and we are always happy to help any way we can.