Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a "Lead Capture Page"?
A. A lead capture page is a landing page which is created to persuade visitors to "opt-in" through a web form (or submit their contact information) in order to gain access to another web page, a web site, a presentation, a download (e.g. free e-book, etc.), or to receive a special offer like a free report, free consultation, free sample, more detailed information or anything else that has a perceived value.  The goal of a lead capture page is to convert visitors into prospects by capturing their contact information so you can follow-up with them as much as needed to close the sale.  Our lead capture page system will e-mail you lead notices in real-time when your visitors submit the form on your pages.

Q. What is "PURL"?
A. PURL or "Personal URL" is a personalized web page address that usually contains the first and last name of a prospect, or other type of personalization (e.g. target group, location, etc.)  With our PURL capture pages, not only can you personalize the web address, you can also personalize the entire web page and thank you page with your prospects first & last name along with the day of the week and today's date (which updates automatically).  PURLs and Personalized pages have shown to dramtically increase response rates and shows you who is responding to your offer at the exact time they're responding so you can follow-up immediately (even while they are still on your page).  To see a sample PURL in a new window (or tab), just enter your first & last name in the fields below and click "Go!".

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Q. Why do I need a lead capture page?
A. You probably heard the saying: "the key to success is in the follow-up".  This is very true as studies show the average person needs to be exposed to something 7-8 times before taking action.  You can't follow up with a prospect if you do NOT have their 'follow-up' information.  Like a movie teaser, a good lead capture page grabs visitors' attention by giving them just enough information to build curiosity and get them wanting more.  Once you've captured your visitors' follow-up information, you now have the opportunity to build trust and establish a personal connection with each of them.  Following up is KEY to building a successful business... and it all starts with the lead capture page.

Q. Are the leads I capture exclusive?  Will anyone else get these leads?
A. The leads you capture on your page are exclusive to you.  They will NEVER be shared, sold or given away to anyone else at any time, except as may be required by law or legal action.

Q. Can I add audio or video to my lead capture page?
A. Yes, both.  You can easily insert HTML embedded code into your page to have your video or audio play right on your page.  To do this you'll want to upload your files to a free audio/video sharing site, like www.YouTube (for video) or (for audio).  These are great tools for getting FREE audio and video streaming.  They will provide the code for you to use and we can help you add it to your page, if you need help.  If you want us to host your media files on our server instead, we can also provide this service for a small additional fee.

Q. Do I have to pay extra for hosting?
A. Hosting is included with all our subscription options.  There are no extra costs for hosting & maintenance.

Q. I'm not that computer literate.  Is it difficult to set up a lead capture page?
A. We have two lead capture page wizards.  Both are very simple to use and do NOT require any HTML or programming knowledge or experience.  Adding and changing text on your page is as simple as typing within a text box.  Also, you can format the text using the same type of formatting tools found in most
e-mail programs (i.e. bold, italics, underline, font type, size, color, etc.)  If you can send an e-mail, you can customize your own lead capture page using this system.  And, if you need help with something, we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Q. What happens when someone submits the form on my capture pages?
A. The default setting will automatically send you a lead notice with the visitors' contact information to up to two e-mail addresses, which you can add (or change) in the "edit profile" section of your members' area.  Your visitors are then automatically taken to a default thank you page displaying your contact information and prompting them to visit your main website.  If you want, you can easily set your web form to go directly to any website you choose or have your visitors go to your own customizable thank you page instead.  Your customizable thank you page can include your own personal message(s) along with whatever links you want to add.

Q. What information can I receive when I get these email lead notices?
A. The webform is set up to capture the essential information needed (first name, phone number, e-mail address, best time to call and optional message/comments).  The lead notice will also contain your visitors' IP address and the time stamp of when the form was submitted.  This protects you against SPAM complaints, because it shows that your visitors contacted you directly, requesting more information.

Q. Can I remove a field from my web form such as "phone number", or add other fields such as "physical address"?
A. We have two different types of pre-formatted web forms.  One contains phone fields, while the other just has fields for name, email and optional message.  If you want to customize your own web form with additional form fields or prequalifying questions, we recommend using the following third-party auto-responder here.  We have special templaets where you can copy & paste your own custom form code to use with your lead capture page.

Q. Can I add my own autoresponder to my lead capture page?
A. Yes, you should be able to use any third-party auto-responder service that provides you with the web form code to insert into your web page.  Click here to learn more about our recommended third-party auto-responder service which lets you easily build your own web forms, create an unlimited number of campaigns and personalized follow-up e-mails.  You can capture, sort, manage, download and send out broadcast e-mails to your entire list of subscribers using this optional, third-party service.

Q. How can I cancel this service if I need to do so?
A. You can easily cancel your account at any time and stop all future recurring charges by using the cancellation button in the "support" section of your members area.  Please read our cancellation policy for further details.

Q. If I have a question or need help, is there any type of support?
A. Yes.  We have 24/7 support tickets available through the support section of the members area.  These are responded to very quickly (usually within an hour during normal business times).  We also have online 'live chat' support.  You should see a 'chat live' button in the support section of your members' area when a support agent is available for real-time, instant message support.  Members are always complimenting us on our quality support and we are always happy to help any way we can.

Q. What would my web address be and can I use my own domain name instead?
A. Your web address with us would be something like: (you choose your own username when signing up).  Other domains may be available with certain custom systems.  In any case, we always recommend you get your own domain name so you can brand yourself or your business and look more professional.  Most domain providers offer a free forwarding service.  You can forward any domain name to use with your lead capture page and have that domain appear in the address bar of the browser.  We've provided step-by-step instructions on how to register your own domain name and set-up masked forwarding.  Please click the following link for all the details: Tips & Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for Registering and Forwarding Your Own Domain Name For Less Than $10/Year.